Staff List - Support Staff

Mr J Green RCT Director of Finance, Administration and Resources
Mrs N Aldred Catering Assistant
Mr A Allen RCT Operations Manager
Mrs C Almond Senior Science Technician
Mrs K Archer Administrative Assistant, Art Technician
Mrs B Birkett Catering Assistant
Mrs J Body PA to Executive Headteacher, Admissions Officer, HR
Mrs K Bonfield RCT Finance Administrator
Mr N Bowes RCT ICT Services Manager
Ms R Brook RCT Finance Administrator
Mrs R Brooks SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children
Mrs P Clapham Student Support Mentor
Miss S Collishaw Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs G Cook RCT ICT Network Manager
Mrs L Crocker Catering Assistant
Mr E Davies RCT ICT Technician
Miss S Ellis Fitness Manager
Mr M Evans PE and Sport Advisor/School Games Organiser
Mrs D Feneley Office Manager
Mrs D Goodrick Cleaner
Mrs N Green Technology Technician
Mrs T Green RCT Finance Administrator
Miss V Green Cleaner
Mrs C Gurney Catering Assistant (breakfast club)
Miss M Hardwick Community Sport Administrator
Mrs T Harland Cleaner
Mrs M Hibbard Cleaner
Mrs J Horstwood Science Technician
Miss E Hudson Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs J Hull Data Manager
Mr A Jarvis Assistant Site Manager
Mrs M Jarvis-Ritte Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Johnson Catering Assistant
Mrs D Knibbs Cleaner
Mr R Laker RCT ICT Technician
Mr H Lester Cleaner
Mrs A Lightfoot Catering Assistant
Mrs T Mallinson Cover Manager
Mrs S Manley Student Support Mentor
Mrs A Morrissey Learning Resource Manager
Mrs A Naylor RCT Management Accountant
Mrs R Nelson Language Assistant (Spanish)
Mrs J Noakes Cleaner
Mr J Padley Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs L Partridge Cleaner
Mrs L. Phoenix Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs A Rate Cleaner
Mrs D Scott Clerk to Trust
Mr A Smith Active School Co-ordinator
Mr G Spink Cleaner
Mr W Steed Active School Co-ordinator
Mr M Strange Active School Co-ordinator
Mr G Teer Assistant Site Manager
Mrs D Tebeli Catering Assistant
Mrs S Tristram Cleaner
Mrs H Twigg Cleaner
Mrs L Tyson Catering Manager
Mr W Walker Assistant Site Manager
Mrs M Walker Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator RCT
Miss L Ward Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs P Warhurst Student Support Mentor
Mrs S Wheeler Cleaner
Mr J White RCT Site Manager
Mrs T Williams Examinations Officer
Mrs D Williamson Catering Assistant