Staff List - Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Headteacher

Mr N Law Executive Headteacher

English Faculty

Ms L Preston Head of English (maternity leave)
Mrs K Carpenter Temporary Head of English (shared)
Mrs S James Temporary Head of English (shared)
Ms S Crawford Trainee Teacher (English)
Mrs B Ditton Teacher of English
Mrs C Fletcher-Jones Teacher of English
Mr D Johnson Teacher of English (maternity cover)
Mrs J Millband Head of Year 9, Teacher of English

Expressive Arts Faculty

Miss T Angus Head of Art
Mrs R Quinton Head of Music
Mrs K Karumazondo Teacher of Music
Mrs K Sharples Teacher of Art

Humanities Faculty

Mr J Holland Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Geography
Mrs S Bence Head of RCT Ethics & Philosophy
Miss E Chaddock Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of Geography
Mr N Quinton Head of History
Mrs A Angell Head of Year 10, Teacher of Ethics & Philosophy
Mrs M Brook Teacher of Geography (maternity leave)
Mrs K Handley Teacher of History
Mrs V Lorriman-Hughes Teacher of Geography (maternity cover)
Miss T Mills Teacher of History
Mr M Wilson Teacher of Geography, Ethics and Philosophy
Mrs S Wilson (Burnham) Teacher of History

Maths Faculty

Mrs R Mahoney Head of Mathematics
Mr D Roberts Second in Mathematics
Mrs E Benny Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Blair Teacher of Mathematics
Mr P Crossley Teacher of Mathematics
Miss K Willoughby Head of Year 8, Teacher of Mathematics

MFL Faculty

Mrs E Albuixech Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of MFL
Mr M Clare Second in MFL
Mrs R A Brooks SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children
Mrs S Clare Teacher of French
Mrs H Goymer Head of Year 11, Teacher of MFL
Mr A Robinson Trainee Teacher (German)
Mr C Toledo Naveillan Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

PE Department

Mr M Wilson Head of PE
Mr J Offer Head of Sport
Mr S Newell Head of Year 7, Teacher of PE, Geography
Mr B Pickard Head of Year 12, Teacher of PE
Mr M Rhodes Trainee Teacher (PE/Biology)
Mr B Rooney Teacher of PE, Head of Sixth Form Enrichment
Mr R Smith Head of Year 13, Teacher of PE
Mr A Wilkinson Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of PE, Geography

Science Faculty

Ms A Hobbs Head of Biology
Dr J Robinson Head of Chemistry, Science
Mr L Whiting Head of Physics
Mrs C Almond Senior Science Technician
Mr I Bacon Trainee Teacher (Physics)
Mrs D Hickmore Director of RCT Sixth Form, Teacher of Biology, Science
Mrs J Horstwood Science Technician
Mrs A Johnson Teacher of Science
Mr S Lord Teacher of Physics, Science
Mrs K Seymour Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator for Science
Dr B Simmons Teacher of Science
Mr A Wright Teacher of Science

Technologies, ICT and Business Faculty

Mr K Jones Assistant Headteacher, i/c Science, Head of Technologies, ICT and Business
Mr G Ahmed Head of Business Studies, Teacher of ICT
Mr A Thomas Head of Design and Technology
Mr C Baker Teacher of Computer Science and Business Studies
Mrs N Green Technology Technician
Mrs J Livsey Teacher of Cookery, Computer Science, PSHEC and RSE Co-Ordinator
Mr P Mawditt Teacher of Design and Technology
Mr I Scholefield Teacher of Design and Technology, Work Related Learning Coordinator

Support Staff (delivering learning and support)

Mr A Allen Operations Manager
Miss N Buckland Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs P Clapham Student Support Mentor
Miss S Ellis Community Sport Apprentice
Mr M Evans PE and Sport Advisor/School Games Organiser
Mr T Ginn Cover Supervisor
Mr M Green Active School Co-ordinator
Mr M Haines Cover Supervisor
Miss M Hardwick Community Sport Administrator
Miss E Hudson Active School Co-ordinator
Mr I Hughes Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Mallinson Cover Manager
Mrs S Manley Student Support Mentor
Mrs R Nelson Language Assistant (Spanish)
Mr J Padley Community Sport Assistant
Mr R Pledger Physical Literacy Coach
Mr A Smith Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs C Smith Cover Supervisor
Mr N Stephenson Health, Fitness and Physical Activity Manager
Miss T Vidler Active School Co-ordinator (temporary)
Mrs M Walker Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator RCT
Miss L Ward Active School Co-ordinator
Mrs P Warhurst Student Support Mentor

Support Staff (delivering curriculum resources support)

Mr N Bowes ICT Services Manager
Mrs G Cook ICT Network Manager
Mr E Davies ICT Technician
Miss M Hardwick Community Sport Administrator
Mrs J Hull Data Manager
Mrs A Morrissey Learning Resources Manager

Support Staff (delivering administration and organisation)

Mrs J Body PA to Executive Headteacher/Admissions Officer/HR
Mrs K Archer Administrative Assistant, Art Technician
Mrs Y. Edwards Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs D Feneley Office Manager
Mrs M Jarvis-Ritte Administrative Assistant
Mrs D Scott Clerk to Trust
Mrs T Williams Examinations Officer

Finance Department

Mr J Green Director of Finance, Administration and Resources
Mrs A Naylor Management Accountant
Mrs T Green Payroll Administrator
Miss M Hardwick Community Sport Administrator

Support Staff (delivering premises and supervision)

Mrs L Tyson Catering Manager
Mr J White Site Manager
Mr A Jarvis Assistant Site Manager
Mr G Teer Assistant Site Manager/Exam Invigilator
Mrs N Aldred Catering Assistant
Mrs B Birkett Catering Assistant
Mrs L Crocker Catering Assistant
Mrs D Goodrick Cleaner
Miss V Green Cleaner
Mrs C Gurney Catering Assistant (breakfast club)
Mrs T Harland Cleaner
Mrs A Hesketh Catering Assistant (relief)
Mrs M Hibbard Cleaner
Mrs L Johnson Catering Assistant
Mrs D Knibbs Cleaner
Mrs A Lightfoot Catering Assistant
Ms N Lowde Catering Assistant
Mrs J Murphy Cleaner
Mrs J Noakes Cleaner
Mrs L Partridge Cleaner
Mrs A Rate Cleaner
Mrs D Tebeli Catering Assistant
Mrs S Tristram Cleaner
Mrs H Twigg Cleaner
Mr W Walker Assistant Caretaker
Mrs S Wheeler Cleaner
Mrs D Williamson Catering Assistant