Governing Body

Governors are appointed by the RCT Board and their Terms of Office are four years (except for Ex Officio posts). In this first instance it was agreed that outstanding terms of office under Carre's Grammar School Academy would be honoured.

Attendance Record

To view the Governor's Attendance Record for 2017-18 click here


Mr C J Boyce
January 2020
Mr M Cook (Chair)
November 2021
Mr D Marshall
August 2022
Cdr G D Titmus (Resigned)
Resigned 24 May 2017
Mr R Ketch (Resigned)
Resigned 31 August 2017
Mr K Pratt (Resigned)
Resigned 12 July 2018
Mr G Hewett (Resigned)
Resigned 31 August 2018
Mr J Elkington (Resigned)
Resigned 20 December 2018


Mr S Smithson
October 2020
Mrs J Slesser (Vice Chair)
December 2021


Mrs B Ditton
December 2021
Dr J Robinson
December 2021

Head of Carre’s, Ex Officio

Mr N Law BA (Hons)


Clerk to the Governors
Carre's Grammar School, Northgate, Sleaford, NG34 7DD
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