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Multi Academy Trust Policies

To view policies that apply to all schools in the Robert Carre Multi Acadamy Trust click here to access them on the Robert Carre Trust website. You can also view Governance Documents & Policies and Finance Documents & Policies on the Robert Carre Trust website.
Admissions (Sep 2016).pdf
Admissions 2017 (revised).pdf
Admissions Policy 2018-19 adopted 11 January 2016.pdf
Behaviour Management Policy adopted 8 March 2016.pdf
Collective Worship adopted 8 March 2016.pdf
Curriculum Policy adopted 6 March 2017.pdf
Examinations Policy adopted 6 March 2017.pdf
Exercise Referral Protocol 2011.pdf
Financial Regulations Policy and Manual.pdf
Fitness Facility Terms and Conditions 2012.pdf
Gifted and Talented Policy adopted 20160510.pdf
Home School Agreement.pdf
Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1 Sept 2016.pdf
Marking, Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy adopted 26 September 2016.pdf
Policy and Guidance to Manage the Safe Use of Photographic Images of Children.pdf
Privacy Notice 2014.pdf
PSHE and Citizenship Policy adopted 6 March 2017.pdf
Safeguarding Policy - Draft - 2017-02-09.pdf
Sixth Form Admissions 2016.pdf
Sixth Form Admissions 2017.pdf
SRE Policy adopted 20160510.pdf
Stress Management.pdf
Whole School Literacy Policy adopted 9 November 2016.pdf
Work Related Learning Policy (WRL) adopted 6 March 2017.pdf