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GCSE Results

Published: 24/08/2017 10:11:00 | Category: Exams

It has been yet another successful year for our Year 11 students at Carre’s, with 95% of the students securing 5A*-C grades or their equivalent. There has been much talk in the media recently about the exams, with the introduction of more rigorous course content and new grades, and they have undoubtedly become tougher, so we are delighted that the efforts of our students, staff and the support of parents have been rewarded by such good results. We pride ourselves on teaching beyond the exam requirements at GCSE, on not ‘spoon-feeding’ our students, while also enabling them to engage in a very busy programme of enrichment activities, which see Carre’s students moving on to the next level, be it to do A levels, BTEC diplomas, college courses, apprenticeships or employment, and this is cause for celebration. Some individuals have overcome considerable challenges to achieve their results and I am very proud of each and every one of them. The results are a testament to the hard work and motivation of the students, alongside support from their teachers and parents. Aligned to the recent excellent results in the Sixth Form, our students can look towards a very bright future. Many students are delighted and justifiably proud of their success, some with particularly exceptional results.

Nick Law

High Achievers

Student Grades
Travis Cullum 2x9, 1x8, 6A*, 1A, 1B, 1Dist*
Dominic Sellers 2x9, 1x6, 8A*
Thomas Sardesai 1x9, 2x8, 7A*, 1A
Max Beckett 1x9, 1x8, 1x7, 6A*, 2A
Thomas Dale 1x9, 2x7, 5A*, 3A
Toby Elsey 1x9, 1x7, 1x6, 5A*, 3A
Ewan Kennett 1x9, 2x8, 3A*, 4A, 1B
Robert Thompson 1x9, 1x7, 1x6, 2A*, 5A, 1B, 1C
Jack Turner 2x8, 1x7, 2A*, 5A, 1Dist
Thomas McDonagh 1x9, 1x8, 1x7, 1A*, 7A

Headline Figures

All Students % SEN K (12) SEN S (2) FSM 6 (4) Service (18)
Students 5 A*-C/4+ 94.6 75 100 100 94.4
Students 5 A*-C and both EM at grade 4 or above 94.6 75 100 100 94.4
Students 5 A*-C and both EM at grade 5 or above


41.7 50 50 77.8
Students at grade 4 or above in English only 97.3 83.3 100 100 94.4
Students at grade 5 or above in English only 82.9 66.7 100 100 88.9
Students at grade 4 or above in Maths only 99.1 100 100 100 94.4
Students at grade 5 or above in Maths only 90.1 100 50 100 83.3
Students 5 A* -A (or grade 7/8/9 in EM) 33.3
Entries A/A* (or grade 7/8/9 in EM) 34
Ebacc including 5+ in EM 55.9 33.3 50 50 55.6
Students 5 A*-G 99.1 100 100 100 94.4
Students at Grade 4 and above in English and Maths 97.3 83.3 100 100 94.4
Students at Grade 5 and above in English and Maths 77.5 66.7 50 100 77.8

New GCSE Grading System for 2017

Under the new grading system, there is a scale from 1 to 9 where scoring a 9 is the highest possible mark.

The new grades are mainly in line with the old system, but scoring straight 9s has become harder. This is because the top score is a step above an A*.

The 1 grade is equal to either a high G or a low F. A standard C pass grade is now a 4, and a 5 is equal to a strong pass.

New Grading Structure Old Grading Structure

More Information: For information regarding the changes to GCSE grading click here.

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