Peripatetic Instrumental Tutors


Music is taught in the main Music classroom (equipped with keyboards and computers) and a small hall (equipped with Jamhubs, keyboards, electronic drum-kits and guitars).  We also have four practice rooms equipped with pianos and drum-kits (used by our instrumental teachers and for ensemble work).


The department is resourced with a range of equipment, from pianos that can be found in the teaching room, practice rooms and the grand piano in the Main School Hall, to a number of classical, popular and world music instruments that play an important role in many of the students’ lessons.  We have considerably expanded the range of instruments available to students to include electric guitars, bass guitars and drum-kit.  We use JamHubs to allow students to rehearse in ensembles during lessons.

15 desktop computers equipped with both MIDI keyboards and Sibelius 7.5 can be found in the main teaching room. The department also holds digital recording equipment and an electric audio system that is regularly used to capture the work of students and improve on appraisal skills. The use of technology is very helpful in the development of a range of musical skills including composing, performing, listening and aural perception.

Schemes of Work

Key Stage 3

All Year 7 students are given the opportunity to learn trumpet or trombone for a term through Lincolnshire County Music Service’s Initial Access Scheme.  Students are encouraged to continue to learn these instruments through the offer of subsidised lesson in Year 7.  Year 7 students also study vocal performing skills, samba drumming and keyboard skills.  All students are taught how to read and write music notation.  In Year 8, students extend their skills on the keyboard further and are also given the opportunity to learn to play electric guitar and bass guitar.  Students learn different composition skills and begin to use computer software to develop their ideas.  Year 9 students are given the opportunity to learn the drum-kit and they are encouraged to play together in ensembles as they develop their own interests in different musical styles.

Key Stage 4

The department follow the GCSE Edexcel 2MU01.

In Year 10, students continue to learn more about musical theory alongside other Units of Work include Western Classical Music (1600-1899), Music in the 20th Century, Popular Music in Context and World Music. In Year 11, Composition Coursework is completed and time is also spent on Orchestral Landmarks, the Integrated Assignment and preparation for their final written exam.

Key Stage 5

The department is offering the Edexcel GCE Music specification (8MU01) as part of the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form consortium. The Year 12 AS course comprises of three sections: Unit 1: Performing (30% AS, 15% of total A2 grade) which requires a 5-6 minute performance as either a solo or ensemble, Unit 2: Composing (30% AS, 15% of total A2 grade) which entails a three minute composition in response to a chosen brief. Unit 3: Developing Music Understanding (40% AS, 20% of total A2 grade) develops the use and application of a variety of musical skills, including Listening, Investigating Musical Styles plus Understanding Chords and Lines, and is assessed through a 2 hour exam. In Year 13 (A2 Level), the students undertake another three units: Unit 4: Extended Performance (30% A2, 15% total grade), where there is a requirement of a 12-15 performance, Unit 5: Composition and Technical Study (30% A2, 15% total grade) and Unit 6: Further Musical Understanding (40% A2, 20% total grade), which is assessed through an exam of 2 hours.


We have a very successful School Band and Choir.  Our choir performed on the LincsFM stage at the Lincolnshire Show and some of our Y10 GCSE musicians recently performed at the Lincolnshire School’s Prom in Skegness.  We also have a guitar club for beginner guitar players and a Music Theory support group.  Last year all of our Year 7 students went to the Grantham Mere’s Leisure Centre to play their trumpets and trombones with the Halle Orchestra.  The school also regularly runs trips to concerts in Nottingham.  We have also established a tradition of working with musicians from our local primary schools, holding an annual playing day where we all work together.  We support whole school events such as the annual Carol Service and prizegiving ceremonies and we regularly hold concerts in our school hall; last year these included a Christmas concert in December, an Electric Prom concert in February and an American themed concert at Easter.


Events that we are currently planning for this year include: