Public Examinations – Results Days 2021

Public examinations for GCSE, A level and the summer series of the Vocational qualifications were cancelled by the Department for Education this year and replaced with a system of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) alongside a Quality Assurance process overseen by the Examination Boards.

Ofqual have produced a useful guide which explains the process by which grades will be awarded in Summer 2021. This can be found by clicking here.

A helpful student guide can be found here. Please read this before making any enquiries about results to the school.

A reminder that the examination results will be published by email after 8:30am on Tuesday 10th August (for A Level, BTEC and CTEC qualifications) and after 8:30 on Thursday 12th August (For GCSE and Cambridge National qualifications).

The school will provide support to students following the publication of results. Further advice and guidance will be published along with results on the dates above by email to the students.


Although everyone will be working hard to make sure you are issued with the correct grades on results day, there is also an appeals system as a safety net to fix any genuine errors that were not identified earlier on. The appeals process for England is described here and you must read this document carefully before you make any appeal so you decide what your next steps might be:


You also need to know about the way your appeals will be processed at Carre’s Grammar School, or across the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form specifically. There are specific deadlines you must meet, a standard form to complete and other information to be aware of. That information can be downloaded from this page. Start with the ‘What to do if you feel you feel an error has been made in determining your grade.pdf’ document.

Examinations Officer

The Examinations Officer is Tracey Williams