GCSE Exam Boards

To help and support your son with his GCSE work, it is useful to be aware of the examboards and subject specifications.  This will help when purchasing revison guides and additional resources and accessing past papers and mark schemes.

GCSE Examination Boards and Specifications

Subject Specification Title Specification Code Exam Board
Art   Art and Design J160 OCR
Art and Design Photography Photography J163 OCR
Business Studies Business Studies 2BS01 Edexcel
Electronics Electronic Products 2EP01 Edexcel
Engineering  Diploma in Engineering H810 OCR
English and English Literature English AQA, English Literature AQA 4700 AQA
French GCSE French J730 OCR
Geography Geography B J385 OCR
German GCSE German J731 OCR
Graphics Graphic Products 2GR01 Edexcel
History  History A J415 OCR
Maths OCR Maths B J567 OCR
Music GCSE Music 2MU01 Edexcel
Philosophy and Ethics AQAB GCSE Religious Studies Full Course 4057 AQA
Physical Education  Physical Education 4890 AQA
Resistant Materials Resistant Materials 2RM01 Edexcel
Science Science A 4405 AQA
Spanish GCSE Spanish J732 OCR